The internet is a scary and wonderful place. At times, it makes me lose my faith in humanity where trolls use the anonymity of a screen to say horrible things about people and act in ways that truly make me sick… Haters gonna hate, I guess, but sometimes it just  makes me sick,.

But there’s always the good side of the internet. Like anonymous trolling bad people or users coming together to throw a birthday party or parade for a kid.  Or Cat pictures, or any animal pictures and videos in general.

One thing I’ve noticed is how hurtful comments after almost every story. on seemingly every website. I just don’t understand why people need to be mean, but even more than that, why does it matter? I don’t get it… But, I too, have opinions, though I don’t usually share them at the end of the articles. So I thought I would set up this Blog Post as a way to share my thoughts. I don’t have a social media platform, so I don’t expect this to reach far and wide, but if you’re reading this, thanks for checking out my blog!!! It’s awesome and you rock (obviously you are a very class person with impeccable taste)

Please feel free to comment me…. Anytime.



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